Planning is integral to our work and we approach every project with an eye to master planning and strategic, long term development. While much of our work exists in the context of campus planning, we pride ourselves on taking a similar approach to all projects from residential and community planning to historic property master planning.

Our planning practice is based on a philosophy of working within existing contexts and sites to enhance and magnify those qualities which are unique and offer particular value to the architecture and mission of the institution.  We believe that we should leave every site better than where we found it and that the footprints we create respond and minimize disturbance to the natural landscape.  We approach each site in a sustainable way and begin each project with a sustainable design checklist.

Our planning methodology begins with programming and data collection and we begin each project with an analysis of site conditions and opportunities and constraints diagrams.  We are often asked to provide building and site assessments in the context of existing properties and this often establishes a baseline for what is valuable and memorable.  Often this is part of a larger study to create a three dimensional computer model of a campus or property to understand both landform and building placement.  Master planning guides our decision making through careful analysis of utilities, topography and building assets; however, much of our planning is to help clients create a coordinated and holistic vision for their particular site or institution and to highlight those unique qualities that are particular to them.  We believe planning should be collaborative and we encourage our clients to share their views and work with us to identify problems and realize design opportunities.