We believe architecture is a collaboration between engineers and consultants as well as the client, its representatives, and users.  We enter a commitment to form a design team with a goal to work together from project definition and conceptualization through opening in order to produce a building of excellence in function, craft and spirit for this and generations to come.  As architects, It is both our responsibility and joy to orchestrate this process and to see that commitment to fulfillment.


We have established a strong reputation for innovative and sensitive solutions within well established contexts, ranging from historic campuses and neighborhoods to open rural landscapes.  Our design philosophy is ‘thoughtful contextualism.’ Our ability to listen to our clients has become hallmark of a practice rooted in the belief that our efforts are a result of an ongoing collaboration with others.  The careful selection of materials, the attention to the smallest detail, and the rigorous pursuit of design excellence guide our practice. We encourage our clients to participate in all aspects of the design.