Architecture V.S. Planning by Phil Miller - Intern Bartzen + Ball

While studying urban studies and working at an architecture firm I have come to realize

a few things. Both planners and architects solve issues related to our environment, and influence how we experience our surroundings. Planning is centered around land use and policy, with little to no room for design, rather a focus on the site itself. Planning is the catalyst to mitigating incompatible uses for people with respect to the infrastructure. Architecture focuses more on the aesthetic value, and structural integrity of buildings formulated within a design process. The decisions made in the architectural realm are made in the context of the environment. Architecture is a natural outgrowth of planning.

 In short, planners are concerned with arranging and regulating, while architects are concerned with designing and shaping our built environment. In my own experience, architecture allows more creativity to take place. Planning tends to incorporate less creativity and more policy. I am bias toward architecture because I have an artistic background. I will, however, allow my urban studies foundation to shape how I address architectural issues and projects